How to Start Saving Today by Planning Ahead

58 thoughts on “How to Start Saving Today by Planning Ahead”

  1. Yes! Saving money is so very important. I love how getting organized is your first step. You need to fully understand how money is coming in and out of your account. Great post!

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    1. Absolutely! Planning is no good if you do not follow through. And a habit is not established until it has been repeated many times. Thank you for your feedback and thank you for reading!


    1. I completely understand! I hope this post was helpful to you! And like I said, don’t be afraid to apply simple habits to your routine! It can make all the difference! Thank you for reading!


  2. well well … i always say when the truck hits me tomorrow, why did i safe it … lucky enough i managed always to get even big investments quick done, otherwise i would not have the patient for it

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    1. My parents were always great with making me save at an early age too. My dad opened a savings account for me when I was 6 and all my birthday or Christmas money I got went in there as well as “found money” – I was always picking up change of the floor of Walmart and saving it up. I always got so excited to put it in the bank! Keep encouraging them, the will appreciate it one day! Thank you for reading and commenting!


  3. These are great tips! Every little bit helps and even a small effort is better than none. It’s funny that we don’t think about those areas where we can save money, as you mentioned, yet they can add up.

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