Blogger Recognition Award

68 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award”

  1. I like the parallel you draw to your personality (being an introvert) and your writing, it’s quiet an interesting idea . However I am a true extrovert but at the same time I love writing too, surprisingly enough it works for me too just the way it does for you. This really is the beautiful in its own way. Congratulations for your recognition.

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  2. I think introverts tend to make the best bloggers, since good blogging (just like in class) involves a lot more reading others to learn what they’re doing right than not reading at all. And it’s all at the pace that you’re comfortable with, which the pace of blogging is much more suited to someone not so comfortable with constant attention.

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    1. If you are part of a Facebook blogger group, the awards are being passed around on there. People will ask you to drop your blog link so they can consider you for nomination.


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