Rainy Inspirations – DYI Floating Shelves and Wood Stain

62 thoughts on “Rainy Inspirations – DYI Floating Shelves and Wood Stain”

  1. Love this!! I’d say my favorite DIY project was one I did with an old window. Hand lettered a favorite quote on the glass and pasted an antiqued map on the underside. I love it!

    Pinterest is definitely a key influencer for me.

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  2. These turned out so well! I always feel nervous about DIY projects because in some cases, it’s actually cheaper in the long run just to bite the bullet and buy whatever it is you were originally trying to replicate. These seem like a fairly fail-safe project for a rainy day, and I love the end result!

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    1. Thank you! I sometimes feel that way too! I usually try and work on projects that I already have most of the materials for so that I don’t pay an excessive amount for them. You are right, I think it would be hard to go wrong with this project, there is not a lot to mess up so its very stress- free! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  3. I would love some floating shelves around here! I have never made my own stain, but I have used either tea or coffee to dye muslin when I’ve made some “primitive” look dolls and other items. Most of my DIY projects involve fabric, such as making a cover for my sewing machine and carrying case for my laptop. My inspiration often comes from leafing through my quilt magazines and then browsing the fabric store, lining up bolts of fabric and imagining the finished quilt.

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