Fall In a Cup: Apple Cider

IMG_0511The Story

Alright here it is, the post I have been so excited about sharing with y’all all week: How I made my own homemade apple cider, and it worked!

Maybe as a food and DIY blogger I’m not supposed to admit this, but I’ll admit it: sometimes my cooking experiments and DIY do not go as planned. Actually, my success rate is probably only around 80%, which is pretty good, but I want it to be higher, obviously! Knowing this, I sometimes feel apprehensive toward trying something completely new. Not just because I’m afraid of failure, but because it is incredibly disappointing to invest time and resources into something only for it to fail.

(You can pause here and read my previous post on why it is important to try something new). DSC_0125

Apple cider seemed like something that would be hard to make: something that would be complicated and have a low chance of turning out right. But come on, apple cider, homemade apple cider, I couldn’t resist.

On Monday, the weather had finally become cold, and fall was finally in the air. So that afternoon, when I made my grocery list for the week,  I added apples, oranges, cinnamon sticks, and cloves to my list and headed to the store. I have never used cinnamon sticks in anything, only the cinnamon powder, but the real cinnamon sticks smelled so good that I had to give them a try.

The weather stayed cold, and on Tuesday evening I was ready to begin my apple cider. I skimmed the instructions I found on Alternatively Speaking and using her inspiration, I created my own apple cider. The apple cider cooked for hours and wonderful smells of crispy apples and cinnamon filled our home. It was even better then lighting my fall candles.

Several hours later, my apple cider was ready to try. It was delicious! Spicy and sweet at the same time: fall in a cup.


What I learned

I learned from all of this that for all the times my experiments fail, the ones that succeed are worth it. Fears and failures should not be allowed to hold me back from trying new things. I would have missed out on so much. My apple cider was amazing and I am so glad I did not miss out on that opportunity.

Furthermore, since I made a big pot of cider, I had plenty to share with my friends, and I brought adorable mason jars of apple cider to a couple of my friends, and we got to talk, laugh and enjoy fall and each other’s company together. Food has a way of bringing people together.

Fall In a Cup Apple CiderIMG_0512


  • 10 small apples
  • 1 large orange
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 tbsp whole cloves
  • 2 tsp nutmeg
  • 2 tsp of  vanilla
  • 2 tbsp dark brown sugar


  • Slice apples and orange into quarters, or chunks depending on their size and how you see fit. Place them in a slow cooker ( I used a rice cooker).
  • Add spices and brown sugar.
  • Fill the slow cooker with water, covering all  the ingredients. IMG_0518
  • Cook for at least 2 hours until the apples and oranges become soft and start to fall a part. Then, use a wooden spoon to gently mash the fruit. Cook for at least 1 more hour.
  • Allow cider to sit so that the flavors rest. Then place a colander over a large pot and carefully pour the cider into the colander to strain it.
  • Use a ladle to serve the hot apple cider into glasses and enjoy! May serve with whip cream if you desire.*

*I also made my own whip cream by beating whipping cream into a froth and adding about 3 tsp of granulated sugar and a dash of vanilla.


♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


Great blogs to read and follow:

Alternatively Speaking Alternatively Speaking is obviously first on my list this week for giving me the inspiration to make apple cider. Britt also has many other recipes on her blog you can try. She also blogs about fitness, pets, travel, tattoos, and more.  You will also love her blog for its easy navigation and layout.

Admire Simple Christine is a minimalist blogger. She writes about time management, recipes, and lifestyle. One thing I like about her blog is that it is very easy to read. Each post is broken up by bolded headings and key ideas. I also enjoyed reading one of her latest posts called “5 Ways to Simplify Christmas and Enjoy More this Holiday Season”.

I Am Rorie Rorie is a vegan food and health blogger. Her photography is stunning, and you can’t help but click on her photos to read the recipe. Although I am not vegan, I would try any of her recipes because they all look amazing, thanks to her beautifully staged images ( I seriously can’t get over them).  Her blog is also very easy to read.

I will continue promoting blogs I like to help out my fellow bloggers. To be eligible for consideration you must:

  • be a fellow lifestyle blogger
  • and be a follower/subscriber


  1. This looks so delicious, I love Apple Cider and the best part is the smell in the whole house when I make it. The froth on the cup looks so good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sounds perfect! I wish we had snow here! My mom was just telling me last night that there is a “snow spray” that people here spray on their windows around Christmas to make it look like there is snow on the window haha. Shows you how much it snows here!

      Liked by 1 person

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