Improve Your Blog ​Through Reading

34 thoughts on “Improve Your Blog ​Through Reading”

    1. I love reading too but it can be hard when you have a lot of other things going on. My reading always slows down during the semester and picks up during winter and summer breaks. Thanks for reading!


  1. I completely agree with you! I have never been the biggest reader to be honest but since I started blogging I have been reading much more. I have a new appreciation for how people write and love to see how authors convey stories in different ways ❤

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  2. I’ve read a lot more since a month before I launched my blog and i enjoy all the learning i’ve been gathering along the way. So yes to reading. I am also very grateful for ebooks being available in such a wide range of topics. No longer a must to get paper books that would take up 2 much space in your apartment!

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  3. I haven’t heard of Garlic and Sapphires, but I’m totally going to go check it out. I agree, blogging and reading simply have to go hand in hand. It’s a constant learning experience, at both ends.

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