December Food Journey

10 thoughts on “December Food Journey”

  1. I am definitely going to try that horchata recipe…thanks. our neighbors brought over sweet tamales for christmas, that is about the only thing new I had this month and they were really good. I didn’t get the recipe though, been crazy busy lately. We plan on making tamales sometime later this month. Happy New year.


  2. Mmmm….one of the best meals you’ve ever eaten, eh? You need to come to Houston again for some more Salvadorian fare 🙂
    And Old West moved???? Sad… Do you still get a GIANT mug of cocoa when you go?
    Finally, we ate tostones tonight, which are (mainly) a new food for me: the pupuseria we got dinner from was out of the normal, ripe plantains, so we couldn’t order our normal platanos fritos as a side. So they were making tostones instead (not Salvadorian), which are fried green plantains – not at all sweet, and something between a piece of bread and a fry, but served with crema, frijolitos (refried beans), and a spicy green salsa. My preference is for the sweet plantains, but these were yummy 🙂

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  3. Sounds like you had a great December! I’m originally from California so the enchiladas and horchata look REALLY good to me right now!

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