Hello readers! I want to introduce myself and explain my hopes for this blog.

My name is Elise Adkins and I have always wanted to be a writer. As a little girl, I spent time each day writing short stories, which were mainly about animals. I was very serious about my writing and always had my mom and my sisters read it for clarity.

When I got to high school, my writing slowed down because I was spending all of my free time swimming competitively for a USA swim club. Swimming was my world and it is still an accomplishment that I am very proud of.

But I was not done writing. I took a creative writing class at my community college where I found myself writing daily again, thanks to my inspirational professor. Although I knew writing would most likely not be a career for me, I still wanted to use it in my daily life. There is power in words, and writing gives me the opportunity to fully process my words into something beautiful and meaningful.

Here I find myself, several years later, beginning a blog. Like any blogger, I hope to gain followers and publicity for my site, but if I do not, that is okay too. My real goal is to have a reason to write every day and feel like I am making a difference by doing it.

I will be writing about everyday problems and solutions that I, or the people around me, have found for solving them. My theme is simplicity. All of my tips will be focused on the most efficient, cost effective, and timely ways of going about them. Hopefully this will be helpful to other early adults, beginning their studies or careers. It may also be comical in the way life events happen upon us.

Please contact me or comment on posts at any time to ask questions, make suggestions, or even propose topics that would be helpful for me to address. Happy reading!