Anna’s Autumn Soup​

Introduction This is an exciting post because it is the second guest post on my sight. The first being Lydia’s Warm Sandwiches. This guest post came about because my husband and I went to visit one of my older sisters, her husband, and their new baby, this weekend. We started off our Saturday morning with … Continue reading Anna’s Autumn Soup​

3 Common Misconceptions That Are Preventing Your Blog From Growing

What else can I do? Readers, I have recently been thinking about blogging and realized that there are many misconceptions bloggers have that could be ruining their success. As bloggers, we constantly hear the same advise over and over: create great content, have clear photography, and communicate with your readers. Yet many of us bloggers … Continue reading 3 Common Misconceptions That Are Preventing Your Blog From Growing

Taco Salad Bowls

Tex- Mex food In my house, we eat taco salad almost weekly because it is that good. Perhaps this is because my mom often cooked Tex-Mex food when I was growing up, or maybe living in Texas and being constantly surrounded by good Tex-Mex keeps this style of cuisine on my mind. Anyway, I had … Continue reading Taco Salad Bowls

Red Lobster – A Critique

Celebrations: There is no better way to celebrate special occasions then with fine foods, conversation, friends, and family. In fact, almost all special days have celebratory foods linked to them, namely Thanksgiving and Christmas, and in my house, birthdays. My birthday was last weekend and my husband made sure we celebrated. He invited all of … Continue reading Red Lobster – A Critique